Dynamic battles, twisting dungeons, and countless secrets await you in the magical world of Astravia.

Journey alongside your companions as you unravel the mystery of your past and uncover the truth behind a mysterious trio’s plot… before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.

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Legends of Astravia is a charming retro RPG set in a world of magic. You play as Oliver, a mystician on a quest to meet new companions and unravel his complicated past… and the truth behind a mysterious trio’s plan to reawaken the Cataclysm and bring forth another age of ruin.

Influenced by 90s and early 2000s-era JRPGs like Golden Sun and Grandia, the game features hybrid time-based battles and an explorable world filled with twisting dungeons and countless secrets.

Dynamic Battles

Feel the excitement of outracing your opponents with powerful magic and abilities in this fluid system where you fight using the flow of time. A hybrid between turn-based and active systems, Legends of Astravia’s unique combat encourages quick—but strategic—decision making.

Engaging Exploration

Vast, explorable overworld designed with care. Intricate dungeons filled with puzzles and traps are contrasted with lively towns and their welcoming NPCs and side-quests. And while the main story’s obstacles are balanced and fair, there are plenty of optional areas with difficult and rewarding challenges to discover.

Charming Characters

A distinctive cast where each character’s unique personality and traits shine through. In this character-driven story, dialogue and scenes are written to make you feel like you’re in the company of your companions as they react to the changing world around them.


  • Approachable RPG with 10-20 hours of genuine, unpadded content.
  • Retro 16-bit graphics with a modernized interface and gameplay—all the nostalgia without the clunky mechanics.
  • Explorable overworld that features twisting dungeons, rewarding puzzles, treasure-filled caves and more.
  • “Turnless” battles where you feel the constant rhythm of combat as you choose your characters’ actions.
  • A diverse cast of charming characters each with their own personalities and abilities.
  • Essence: A modular skill system that allows you to exchange abilities between characters and grow without the burden of skill trees or assigning stat points.
  • Avoidable, on-map enemy encounters and grid-less 8-directional movement.
  • Various side-quests, each with meaning and purpose that complement and build on the world’s lore.
  • Accessibility options to tune your experience, such as battle difficulty and speed modulation, visual adjustments, and control rebinding.


Oliver is a mystician—those in Astravia who are gifted with a natural talent to cast magic.

After waking up lost and alone in the forested region of Mordin and being chased down by a band of corrupt knights, Oliver starts his journey training and recovering under the wing of the local swordsman (and farmer) Baldric. Learning to spar and helping tend to the farm, Oliver soon became accustomed to the villagers’ simple lifestyle despite his hazy past.

This calm did not last long, however, as a fated meeting with the enigmatic Azel and an encounter with a trio of “Astri Hunters” on the outskirts of town forced Oliver to realize that he is involved in something greater… and that he and Azel are somehow destined to cross paths. He sets off on a journey across the world to piece together his origins, meeting new companions—and enemies—along the way.

However, for each step towards discovering the truth of his own past, Oliver gets further entangled in Astravia’s dark and mysterious history… and he must unravel the truth before the reawakening of the Great Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.

Two-Part Saga

Legend of Astravia’s epic, overarching saga will be delivered in two parts. This is the first half of that story, and the second half will release at a later date, either as a full game or as DLC depending on its final length. Each installment will be a full game with a complete story arc and hours of content.

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Genre Release Date Platforms
Role-Playing Game TBD Windows,  macOS,  
Linux (Steam Deck)
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Studio Alemni English,  

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