We are an independent game studio based out of Connecticut, USA. Our mission is to create approachable retro-styled games that invoke a feeling of nostalgia and belonging, and that contain engaging stories that offer a temporary escape to a world of charming and exciting fantasy.

The company is currently owned and run by one member: Jaiden. As a result, please pardon the occasional switch between “I” and “We” in news posts, articles, etc.

Studio Alemni’s current project, Legends of Astravia, takes inspiration from the classics like Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger, aiming to invoke the nostalgia of these role-playing games without bringing along the potentially dated themes and mechanics.

Of course, while Studio Alemni itself is technically single-member company, the development of Legends of Astravia has only been possible with the help of various other freelancers and talented developers who have lent their time to the game.

Anti Generative AI Promise

We believe in artists’ rights. Even as a small independent company who might benefit from free or cheap AI-generated content, we firmly stand against the use of AI-generated assets in our games. We do not use AI-generated art, music, text, and other such content.

We believe that if we cannot afford, or do not have the resources to have art or other assets created for our games, then we simply should not be making games. Game developers, artists, and composers must stand together and support each other in this climate of hyper-commercialization and the quickest path to profit. Being a creative is about the beauty of human agency and a love for our work despite our differing skill levels.