Listed on this page are the bugs and issues known to exist in the current version of Legends of Astravia that we intend to address in a patch or prior to the final release version.

Please refer to this list before reporting a bug. Additionally, please make sure your game is up to date with the game version listed below. This is visible on the bottom-right of the title screen.

Current game version: DEMO - 0.7.0

List last updated: 6/6/24

All Platforms

  • “Pause” in battle doesn’t work when an animation is displaying
  • In rare cases, some enemies may be targetable with items
  • The camera can sometimes move jarringly and “snap” when moving between areas and in battle
  • Enemies that die to burn will display a death animation twice
  • The game needs to be relaunched to register an audio device change
  • When using “Game Capture” in OBS, the game will appear vertically mirrored and needs to be flipped

Windows Only

  • Rebinding controls with the F1 menu will not update the icon prompts in messages and menus.
  • Rebinding only works for keyboard and will not work for some controllers; it is advised to use the Steam controller interface to rebind controller buttons instead.
  • Certain hardware configurations may result in a black screen. To fix it, disable the Steam Overlay.
  • Some aggressive antivirus software, such as Avast, may declare the game executable as “suspicious” and require a scan before launching. This is a false positive, and likely due to the lack of official signing (an expensive process). The game’s code is not a secret and can be viewed here.

macOS Only

  • Certain hardware configurations may result in performance issues on certain maps

Linux / Steam Deck Only