Listed on this page are the bugs and issues found in the current version of Legends of Astravia that we intend to address in a later release version or patch.

Please refer to this list before reporting a bug, either on Steam or in the Discord server. Additionally, if you are running a version older than the one listed on this page (visible on the bottom-right of the title screen), please ensure you download the most recent update before reporting a bug or issue.

Current game version: DEMO - v0.3.2

List last updated: 4/29/22

All Platforms

  • Rebinding controls will not update the icon prompts. Additionally, button prompt icons assume an Xbox controller.
  • Push blocks may be temporarily unresponsive, especially when pushing from a downwards direction
  • Some events can be triggered from 1+ tile away and through walls
  • “Pause” in battle doesn’t work when an animation is displaying
  • Enemy item drops are a little excessive.
  • When using Oliver’s Unleash, the command menu will stay displayed until the next action.

Windows Only

  • Some users running Intel Graphics may see a black screen with audio. Disabling the Steam overlay fixes it: Right click Legends of Astravia in Steam -> Properties -> Uncheck “Enable the Steam Overlay”

macOS Only

  • Controller input is not supported correctly. Attempting to use a controller will result in mismatched controls that cannot be rebound.
  • Closing the game may result in a crash report pop-up. This is benign and can be ignored.
  • The screen may briefly turn white at times (a proper reproduction is needed)