Olizel Promo

Cast spells, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets alongside a mystic companion in this introduction to the magical world of Astravia!

Download the demo for free on Steam:

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It is available in both English and Japanese, on Windows, macOS and Linux (Steam Deck). Please be sure to check the system requirements for more information. We’ve confirmed the game runs great on the Steam Deck!

Any bugs or issues can be reported via this form. We’ll also be keeping an eye on the Steam community page and in the official Discord server for reports.

Additionally, any and all feedback is more than welcome, and will help make the game the best it can be when the full version releases.

Thank you again for your endless support. And an extra special thanks to…

Ryuuen Tanaka, for drawing the incredible new art of Oliver and Azel (and all of the other various, wonderful art pieces for the game)

obatatsu(S.N.), for the Japanese translation and QA

Fangsoft, for helping with development in 2023 and the early testing and revisions of the demo

KK20 and tort, for supporting me during development since 2018

codapill, DeDeSans, Emule, Fangsoft, june, Koroknroll, tort, Shweep and toiosh, for providing early and in-depth feedback when the demo was not yet fit for the world to see

And of course, the other many beta testers and supporters who reported bugs and provided feedback:

Burt, Eblo, Firefly130984, iri, M&J, orochii, Zefir, zorua, magic user, Ronove

I’m very excited to be able to share the game with more people, and I hope everyone enjoys this preview of what me and all of the wonderful collaborators on the project have been working on all these years!


P.S. If you are a member of the press and interested in covering the game, please check out the press kit. And if you’re a content creator planning on streaming it, we’ll be sure to check it out!