This devlog is unfortunately an extra short one. We’re hard at work, but a lot of the progress made is still stuff that isn’t really visually appealing or worth chronicling, unfortunately. Still happy to report what I can!

New Screenshots

As mentioned in the previous developer’s log, the demo download has been removed from Steam and Itch.IO temporarily.

As a result, I was able to update the screenshots on the store pages to match the graphics overhaul announced in November. Here are a few of those screenshots!





Regarding the demo discontinuation, it is unfortunate my development predictions haven’t been great, and I admit it’s a little embarrassing to take down the demo in favor of yet another “improved, revised release” in the future. But I think this is all a part of being a learning indie developer, and I recognize that this journey is not dissimilar to a dev making their first couple of games before establishing a proper process.

So far this year though, the game’s development process and workflow has been greatly improved, which is something to look forward to. And we hope to relaunch the demo for Steam’s NextFest in the fall, ahead of Chapter 1’s release.

Development Progress

Progress continues to be made through the various “passes” through the game. As mentioned in a previous devlog, the new process for creating the game involves going through the entire game and adding a certain type of content. We’re not quite at the visual stage yet, so development these months is a lot of tell, not show.

The past month, the placeholders for story were completed, so I’ve moved on to adding all of the “collectibles” and placeholders for NPCs. These are just empty shells of the objects that you’ll be able to interact with, that will eventually have pretty graphics, flavor text, and progression (such as quests) added to them.

6 Really, these areas look kind of ugly right now. This is why visual updates have been so scarce. Sorry!

I’ve been plenty “side-tracked” by bugs in the meantime as well. Interacting with objects is a lot smoother though, and overall I remain pretty proud of gamefeel–walking around the overworld and collecting stuff should just feel good.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your patience as always, and see you next month!